2500 Star Facebook How Much? Let’s Count Together

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2500 Star Facebook to Rupiah

Flashtik – For people who put on shows frequently gaming on Facebook you will have a chance to get a Star. The next star can be exchanged into rupiah. 2500 Star Facebook how much? Many still do not know how much it will turn out if converted into rupiah.

Used to play games online are often seen as lazy Just wasting time while wasting a nominal quota is quite a lot. But now who would have thought playing games on Facebook can also make money. It’s just that not many know how.

2500 Star Facebook, how much is Rupiah, Intrigued by its value?


Played online game It seems that directly on Facebook is very profitable. For every time spent, you will be rewarded with a Star. For those who have made a lot of money, of course they are curious about 2500 Star Facebook how much so.

Explanation of How to Get a Star

To get stars, you have to regularly broadcast live on Facebook and build friendships. More and more people watched the show stream that, and a lot of pressure on Star. Then you reap a fair amount.

Facebook Star Convention

One Facebook Star So far has been valued at $ 0.01. If converted into rupiah currency, it must be adjusted according to the exchange rate. For today 1 USD has an exchange rate of IDR 14,500. This means that if the Star that has been collected reaches 2,500, the value is IDR 362,500

This figure was obtained after diverting 145 rupiah with the 2500 Star earlier. Quite tempting isn’t it. And when else will pickle play games which takes place in a live can make money.

The steps that must be taken in this activity are to further expand the network of friends. If many friends send Star, you will automatically get more money. The quota capital used for the live can be returned in an instant.

Many games can be broadcast live. However, generally in Indonesia that held stream is games PUBG and games Free fire. So that it generates a lot of Stars, to ask 2500 Star Facebook how much so. Interested in trying this new opportunity?

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