2 Ways to Find Deleted Telegram Accounts Using Bots

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2 Ways to Find Deleted Telegram Accounts Using Bots

Flashtik – Telegram is a free, non-profit messaging app. The message storage from the app also uses the cloud. However, there are times when the old Telegram account is lost because the number that was registered has been forfeited. So we need a way to find a deleted Telegram account so that it can be reopened or contacted. It’s just that many people don’t know how.

Telegram is a development of Russian entrepreneur and company called Telegram Messenger LLP. It was first launched in 2013 and now more than 15 billion messages are actively sent every day. In Indonesia alone, there are almost as many Telegram users as the Line or WhatsApp chat application users. In addition, storing photos, videos or audio does not consume memory on the cellphone.

Looking for Deleted Telegram Accounts With Easy Ways

Telegram gets rid of TikTok from the most popular applications in the world

There are various reasons why someone stops using Telegram, either because they are too busy or the number is no longer active. For those of you who have lost contact with a friend because their account has disappeared, you don’t need to be sad. Now there is a way to find a deleted Telegram account with the help of bots. As will be explained in the following.

Open Telegram

To start the search, just open your Telegram account and search boot look for deleted account. You can also click directly on this address https://t.me/cariakunterhapus_bot. If you have successfully entered, select the button start to start the search.

Send Message

If you have pressed the button to start, then type a message to bot according to the format. The message delivery format must be appropriate to make searching easier. Furthermore, the message that has been typed earlier so that the search is carried out immediately.

You need to wait a while for it to arrive bot informs you whether the search was successful. If an account is found that matches the deleted account, there will be a reply to the message from bot. So your search is worth it and you can quickly connect with that old friend.

This is how to find a long-deleted Telegram account using bot. This method usually doesn’t take long, depending on the Internet speeds in your area. Good luck.

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