2 How to Buy Tokocrypto TKO During the Listing Period

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2 How to Buy Tokocrypto TKO During the Listing Period

Flashtik – Tokocrypto is a company that offers Crypto currency called TKO. However, there are still many who do not understand how how to buy Tokocrypto TKO. Moreover, this company was only established in 2017 and was introduced to the public in mid-2018. So that it is still not too familiar among ordinary people.

Many already have plans to buy Tokocrypto TKO, but still can’t get it. The Tokocrypto TKO Listing schedule was only available for purchase on April 7 yesterday. Purchases are also only served for a few hours.

How to Buy Tokocrypto TKO When Listing


Actually there is no difference with how to buy other Cryptocurrencies because they are both used Binance Launchpad. As well as how to buy Tokocrypto TKO, it is not difficult to get it as long as it is not late from the appointed time. Below is a breakdown of the steps you need to take to buy Tokocrypto TKO.

Enter the Web Binance

We recommend that you already have an account on Binance Web so you can log in immediately without re-registering. If you have signed in, go straight to the feature Launchpad then click view details. A line of information will appear about Tokocrypto’s TKO complete with the price.

Click Button Commit BNB

If you are satisfied and sure, then click the button BNB Commit. Do not forgot to enter how many BNB you want to commit. When you are sure, click the button again Commit now to make the desired Tokocrypto TKO purchase.

Cannot Buy Tokocrypto TKO

The method above will be successful if it has not exceeded the time limit set by Tokocrypto. Since long ago, Tokocrypto has announced that their sales are only limited to 4 hours. Exceeding this limit, the purchase will fail to be made. In addition, there are other things that prevent purchases, usually because the balance is insufficient. So make sure the balance is sufficient.

That’s our explanation about how to buy Tokocrypto TKO at Listing time. Hopefully the above has helped you to understand how to proceed. Thank you.

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