18 Requirements for the COVID-19 Vaccine You Must Know

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The requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine in Indonesia have now undergone several changes, due to various considerations of experts and the results of scientific research that have become more recent.

Even at the beginning of July, the Ministry of Health, through the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control, issued a Circular Letter to Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccination for Heads of Provincial and Regency/City Health Offices, as stated in Circular Number HK.02.02/I/1727/2021 concerning Vaccination. Stage 3 for Vulnerable People, Other General People, and Children aged 12-17 years.

Related to this, breastfeeding mothers and the elderly are included in the vaccination target. Likewise, those with comorbid diseases can still get the COVID-19 vaccine with a controlled condition record and doctor’s recommendation.

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To find out more clearly, these are the requirements for the latest vaccine recipients

Requirements for getting the COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine requirements
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1. The requirement for the COVID-19 vaccine for those who have been exposed to Corona infection is that they have recovered for more than three months, so they can only get vaccinations.

2. Not experiencing acute infection with symptoms such as cough, runny nose, diarrhea, fever, and others.

3. Do not have chronic diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune, chronic kidney disease, rheumatism, chronic digestive tract disease, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, cancer

4. People with type 2 diabetes can receive a COVID-19 vaccination with an HbA1C record below 58 mmol/mol or 7.5 percent.

5. For people with epilepsy or epilepsy, vaccination should only be done if the recipient of the vaccine is under controlled conditions.

6. For people who are receiving vaccinations other than COVID-19, vaccination should be postponed until one month after the previous vaccination.

7. For people living with HIV-AIDS who take medication regularly, may receive vaskin

8. Pregnant women cannot receive the vaccine

9. Have no family members who have been exposed to COVID-19 or are being treated for COVID-19.

10. Has gone through health screening such as measuring body temperature and showing normal numbers. However, if there is a fever or body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, the vaccination will be postponed first.

After a while, you will go through a re-examination regarding the symptoms that are going on in the patient’s body and they will have to visit the same health post. If it wasn’t for COVID-19 and the temperature returned to normal, then the vaccination can still be done by screening again.

11. The requirement for a COVID-19 vaccine for those who have COPD, or TB, a lung disease, such as asthma, is a good condition for vaccination to be allowed.

However, for people with TB who are still undergoing the treatment process, vaccination may be given after two weeks of receiving antituberculosis drugs.

12. Having blood pressure above or equal to 180/110, will be re-checked. If the blood pressure does not change then the vaccination cannot be carried out.

13. If you are receiving cancer therapy, you must bring a certificate of eligibility for vaccination from the treating doctor.

14. For people who are undergoing blood transfusions or suffering from blood clotting diseases, immunodeficiency, vaccination must be postponed, and can only be carried out after consulting the treating doctor.

15. For women who are planning a pregnancy, this should be done after receiving the second COVID-19 vaccination.

16. Breastfeeding mothers can already get vaccinated.

17. If there is a severe allergic reaction such as swelling, shortness of breath, redness all over the body, or other reactions due to the vaccine, the vaccination must be carried out in a hospital.

However, if the allergic reaction occurs after the first vaccination, the second dose of vaccination will not be given.

18. The requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine for vaccine recipients who are already elderly are generally the same, there are still some things that need to be asked

– Do you often experience fatigue?

– Do you have difficulty climbing 10 stairs?

– Has difficulty walking, approx. 100-200 meters

– Significant weight loss in the past year.

Have at least 3-5 of 11 diseases, such as chest pain, joint pain, congestive heart failure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, chronic lung disease, heart attack, kidney disease, hypertension, asthma.

That is the requirement for recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine in Indonesia, which has been adjusted to the technical instructions for the implementation of vaccination in the context of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no need to worry about side effects or post-immunization follow-up events (AEFI) that may occur. Because there will be greater benefits from the vaccine that you will get and have an effect for the long term.

In Indonesia, several types of vaccines have been used, such as Astrazaneca, Sinovac, and several other types that have gone through clinical trials and are effective in protecting the body from exposure to Covid-19.

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