17 Ways to Overcome Back Pain, Causes, and Drugs

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Pain in the lower back, on one side of the waist or both is one symptom low back pain that dangerous if ignored. So that Ruppers needs to know how to deal with back pain.

When talking about the factors that cause it, one of them is due to a muscle or joint injury in the waist area. Some of the causes themselves are due to kidney disorders, infections, or spinal problems. Besides that, another reason is because you like to lift heavy objects, to sitting positions that are too long or wrong.

If you have this, what should you do when you have back pain? read more information to find a solution

Recognize the Symptoms of Low Back Pain

According to the overseas health site webmd.com, there are several ways to deal with back pain and its causes

How to deal with back pain
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  1. Feeling pain that radiates from the waist to the buttocks to the legs.
  2. The waist was stabbed, sore and stiff.
  3. Pain that increases if you sit too long or at night.
  4. There are parts of the body that are difficult to move due to pain in the back
  5. The pain sometimes gets worse at night or when sitting for too long.
  6. The waist hurts when lifting heavy objects, walking and bending over.
  7. Numbness or limp limb at the location of the pinched nerve.

In mild symptoms, the patient will experience pain that only lasts a few days or in a matter of weeks, but for some cases there are those who feel it for more than three months.

Generally, patients with higher symptoms will feel a loss of function of small or large water, numbness, excruciating pain, and difficulty walking. If this happens then it’s time to call the doctor.

17 Effective Ways to Overcome Back Pain

The following is important information to relieve excessive pain

How to deal with back pain
Source: verywellhealth

Diligent Activities

One of the best ways to prevent and reduce back pain is to do regular exercise for at least 20 minutes per / day. Do not push yourself in the early stages, which is important to get used to the body first in the first week, after that in the second week then start intense exercise.

You can do various types of sports, from light sports such as yoga, swimming or pilates to cycling. But if later you are used to it, combine it with heavier types of exercise. Keep in mind that this type of exercise can only be done once every 2 days.

In this way you can not only deal with back pain, but also make the body healthier and get rid of stubborn fat in the body. And helps strengthen the waist muscles.

Reduces lifting weights

Another factor contributing to why you can experience low back pain is the habit of lifting excessive weights. Avoid lifting excessive loads, especially if they have exceeded the recommended capacity.

In addition, pay attention to the correct position of lifting weights. Start in a squat position first, not hunched over. So if you have this problem try to ask other people for help, or use the help of the media.

Maintain Ideal Body Weight

To prevent excessive pressure on the spine, try to eat a balanced diet with sufficient portions. Even when eating your favorite food. Because unwittingly excess weight becomes one of the triggers for pain, which is often ignored by most people.

Fulfill Calcium and Vitamin Intake

Another reason why you continue to feel pain in your lower back may be a lack of healthy foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, which make bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.

Several types of natural foods that contain calcium and vitamin D include eggs, almonds, yogurt, milk, and broccoli

Compress the waist

Being a temporary alternative that can reduce inflammation and back pain effectively to increase blood circulation.

Alternately, combine cold and hot compresses when experiencing symptoms in the first week.

Avoid Lying Too Long

Many people whose daily activities are dominated by lying on the bed, if you are one of them then try to move more so that the muscles are not stiff. However, if the backache becomes worse, Ruppers may lie flat

Doing Stretching

Did you know that the cause of the pain that occurs is due to tense thigh muscles, and to overcome this, do stretching regularly. Don’t force yourself when stretching, just do it slowly.

Healthy diet

The next way to deal with back pain is to lose weight healthily, by exercising and choosing healthy foods. This is because excess body weight puts more weight on the spine and triggers pain.

Increase Endrofin Hormones

Endorphins are hormones that help prevent pain signals from traveling to the brain. Has a function to reduce anxiety, depression, and back pain. To improve it do massage, exercise and meditation.

Don’t forget to be happy

A good mood and doing activities that are fun can make the mood better and reduce excessive pain! So even if you have to work all day or under pressure, try to do positive activities that make your heart happy.

Stick on patches

To relieve excessive pain, use patches to relieve it. This method is very easy for anyone to do, and patches can be found easily because they are sold freely at the nearest shops.

Using an anti-pain cream

In addition to patches, another way that you can try is to use an over-the-counter pain cream. Look for creams with capsaicin that can treat osteoarthritis, or menthol creams that are cool on the skin.

Meditation & Yoga

When you feel excessive pain, of course, it will also affect one’s emotions, so to overcome this, use relaxation methods that make the mind shift its focus to more positive things.

Taking medication

Backache to drink what? that’s a frequently asked question. To answer that we will say if there are medicines from doctors that contain paracetamol, naproxenm, ibuprofen.

This is a way to treat back pain with more severe symptoms, and can inhibit the production of prostaglandins, which are the cause of back pain.

Taking Herbal Medicines

For those of you who like herbal medicine, you will definitely ask what boiled water is for back pain? then this is the explanation


To treat back pain, consume ginger which contains phytochemicals. According to research this content can reduce pain significantly. To make ginger and chilies thinly, add 75% alcohol then ferment for two weeks and apply.


The content of curcumin is effective as anti-inflammatory, but not a drug that works for a long time. If necessary, consult a doctor first.


Contains active components that are good for health such as glycosides, alkaloids, steroids, phenolics and tannin substances. Meanwhile, to make it, mix the root of onion, Chinese dates and red ginger, then boil it halfway and consume.

#Soursop leaf

A traditional medicine that is effective in dealing with back pain, if you talk about how to make it very easy, just boil 20 soursop leaves, and drink it every day.

#Cat whiskers

Has saponin, sinensetin, and myoinositol chemical substances which can cure various diseases. Meanwhile, how to make it, mix the ingredients of ginger root, turmeric, beard plant, then boil it and let it stand one night before consuming it.

#Corn Hair

The material that can be used as popcorn is also a natural remedy for back pain. To make it, add fennel, red ginger, takokak fruit together when boiling it and drink it while it’s warm.


Contains vitamins, calcium and allicin which are beneficial for health. How to make it easy, just enter ingredients such as chilies, ginger, alcohol and garlic solution, ferment for two weeks and apply.

The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.Stand and Move

Those of you who work behind a desk tend to have the potential for greater lower back pain, so adjust the sitting position like not bending over and standing up every 20 minutes.

Choosing the Right Seat

For people who work behind a desk, of course, it is common for them to be less mobile and sit all day. But it turns out that this is the cause of back pain that often occurs. The reason is because when sitting, the pelvic bone supports all the weight of the upper body.

So try to stand up occasionally, and use a chair that can provide maximum support, such as the Ergohuman chair. Is a brand manufactures a series of office chairs that apply ergonomic technology for the comfort and health of its users.

Made from quality materials with international standards in the manufacturing process, and has passed the international standardization test “BIFMA.” Apart from having the ability to support the body optimally, office chairs from Ergohuman have a strong frame and are flexible to make movement easier.

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That’s an effective way to deal with back pain and we encourage you to start caring about your health early, because prevention is better than cure. Don’t forget to equip your office furniture only at Ruparupa. Because we understand your needs.

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