16 Causes of Floods and Its Impact on Humans & the Environment

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Floods are natural disasters that occur due to many factors, one of which is a clogged flow of water to the volume of water that overflows out. This disaster also usually occurs during high rainfall. If investigated further, various other causes of flooding can be found.

Flood Impact

Causes of Floods
Flash floods

When this disaster occurs, there will be many losses experienced by humans, say it like loss of property, and the worst is that many casualties have fallen.

Not to mention the health problems that occur due to dirty water, which brings disease outbreaks and attacks the community, especially the elderly as well as children.

In addition, when the flood comes, the amount of clean water will also decrease, and this condition is very disturbing, considering how important clean water is in daily life. The last thing that generally happens during a flood is that the activities of residents are hampered, especially for those whose houses are flooded.

Not only humans, the environment is also affected, such as damage to trees, physical roads, buildings, bridges, sewer systems to canals. For the agricultural area itself also brings losses such as crop failure

Causes of Floods

Highway flood
Source: Pixabay

The following are several factors in the occurrence of flooding, which can be influenced by natural and human conditions.


Deforestation causes flooding

As mentioned in the previous point, soil land has a good water absorption function, but unfortunately many people still like to cut trees carelessly and consider it trivial. Even though the existence of forests certainly provides many benefits which are also a source of oxygen production.

Illegal logging can cause landslides and cause massive flooding. So, let’s work together to preserve Indonesia’s forests.

Excessive use of land

Forest burning is one of the factors of flood disaster
Source: pixabay

There are many reasons that make many people use the existing land at will, for example to build factories, plantations and build buildings. The funny thing is that it is only because of this one-sided selfishness that many people turn blind eyes and seem to know nothing. Even worse, all prohibited means are still being carried out, for example by burning forests.

By burning the forest the soil is no longer fertile, and unable to maintain vegetative growth. Well, if you have this, the water also easily overflows from the ground.

Greenhouse effect

One of the causes of flooding is the Greenhouse Effect
Source: Pixabay

Again, human selfishness has a negative impact on the environment, for example the habit of burning garbage, vehicle pollution, industrial fumes has made the ozone layer increase and has a very large impact.

  • Earth’s temperature which should have been around 18 degrees Celsius has now risen sharply to 33 degrees Celsius.
  • The increase in carbon dioxide also increases
  • Make global warming
  • Extreme weather climate change
  • Increase in sea level and temperature


littering the cause of flooding
Source: Pixabay

Even though they have been told to maintain cleanliness and dispose of trash in a proper place, it seems that there are still many people who are ignorant of this warning. The reason is that many people think that small trash will not damage the environment, even though because of this narrow thinking it actually makes the water flow clogged and rivers overflow. If it’s like this who wants to be blamed?

Building a Kali Bantaran Settlement

Building a Kali Bantaran Settlement
Source: Urbanpoor.or

One of the other causes of flooding is due to the existence of settlements in the river area. This situation not only causes the river flow to be narrow, but also the land on the right and left has the potential for landslides. Not only that, residents who throw garbage directly into the river also make the river silting.

High rainfall

high rainfall fakotr flood
Source: Pixabay

Rivers and lakes are usually a place to collect rainwater, but if heavy rain occurs continuously overcapacity will automatically occur and this is what ultimately causes disaster. This is even more so if there is a lack of land that functions as absorption.

Lack of Drainage Area

Drainage prevents flooding
Source: Pixabay

The most important infrastructure for the city is drainage which is useful for preventing flood disasters, but currently, in fact, many drainages have been changed without paying attention to AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis).

Forest areas or swamps that function to store large amounts of water overflow, have changed their function to become a mall or office building. In this case the government needs to balance the city area and drainage to prevent bad things.

Spatial Management System

City Planning System
Source: Pixabay

Differences in areas that frequently experience flooding and which do not actually occur can occur due to an inaccurate spatial management system. In addition, high rainfall also requires more catchment areas in the rainy season, but that’s how it is because the arrangement error makes water flow slow, it is also difficult to absorb in the soil.

Soil Cannot Absorb Water

Soil Cannot Absorb Water
Source: Pixabay

The reduced ability of the soil to absorb water occurs due to many factors. For example, as mentioned above, there is a lack of green land, no drainage area, so that a wrong spatial management system results in water filling up reservoirs and overflowing.

Using Excessive Groundwater

Excessive use of groundwater causes catastrophic floods
Source: Pixabay

The next cause of flooding is the high need for water. This need was followed by rapid mobility and development. So it is not surprising that in cities it is more prone to disasters. This is because the excessive use of groundwater causes the amount of water and the soil surface to decrease.

Located On The Plains

The lowlands are prone to flooding
Source: Pixabay

Water flows from high to low places, so it is no secret that areas with low contours are more prone to greater flooding. This theory supports why the potential for flooding to occur is greater.

Air Shipments

Delivery Flood
Source: Pixabay

From the point above, it has been said that the difference between high and lowlands is one of the causes of flooding, it is evident that several areas of the capital have received flood water originating from mountains or higher places. This overflow of water also makes the lowlands prone to flooding.


Tsunamis cause flooding
Source: Pixabay

Quoted from B-Air Floods are also not always about rain, but also nature such as tsunamis that are generated by an earthquake in the sea which causes a greater potential for natural disasters. If this is the case then there is not much humans can do but save themselves. But be grateful that now there is technology that helps detect tsunamis faster, and helps many people to prepare in advance.

Dam Not Working

Dams prevent flooding
Source: Pixabay

Building new infrastructure is necessary, but don’t forget to protect the old ones. The article is that everything that is used for a long period of time needs to be repaired in order to function properly.

One example of the infrastructure itself is a dam, which can be disastrous if not properly cared for. Like what happened in New Orleans, United States in 2005, where the storm ‘Hurricane Catrina‘breaking the dam and making things worse.

Mud Overflow

The mudflows flooded
Source: Pixabay

This one cause of flooding usually occurs on agricultural land due to soil sediment. This condition makes mud accumulate on the riverbed and can be seen clearly when it reaches inhabited areas.

Water Infiltration Does Not Work To A Maximum

River as an area to store water overflow
Source: Pixabay

Talking about the drainage area, it can be divided into several areas

# River

By definition, a river is a continuous flow of water that moves from upstream to downstream and has an elongated shape. Serves to hold large amounts of water. However, it cannot work properly if there are landslides, debris or other obstacles that block the flow of water.

# Estuary

Estuary is the place where a river ends in a sea, lake, or river. Cannot work optimally if there are tides due to storms.

# Beach

The area that is located on the sea coast and is a geographical form consisting of sand. If flooding occurs in this area, it is usually the result of a low air pressure system in the tropics

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