15 Ways to Get Lost in Zoom Like a Ninja Without Editing

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how to disappear in zoom like a ninja

Flashtik – You may often see people who suddenly disappear in Zoom. You also feel curious how how to disappear at zoom by using a ninja style.

It turns out that how to disappear in Zoom is not difficult because it can be practiced alone. The steps are also easy to follow so many people can practice them.

Steps to Disappear in Zoom the Easy Way

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There are many ways you can do to disappear in Zoom like Ninja or Naruto. Currently you will learn to disappear in Zoom without editing the video first like the tutorial below:

  1. Open a browser, then download OSB software or Open Boadcaster Software) (https://osbproject.com/download)
  2. Next, you should too download Virtual Cam OSB (https://osbproject.com/forum/resovirtualcam.539/)
  3. Then install the OSB as well as the OSB Virtual Cam that you have download
  4. Prepare it background which will appear when you disappear later. Background this is where you do meeting Zoom, but you don’t need to go into the photo.
  5. The way to disappear in the next Zoom is to prepare a Green Screen smoke effect which can be obtained from Youtube by typing “Smoke Green Screen”
  6. Then open the OSB. Next, in scene 1, add a video capture device. Arrange it size from capture device that emerges from lock scene
  7. Add it up scene 2 which contains background as the place where you are meeting, then lock scene the
  8. Add your own Green Screen download via Youtube
  9. Get rid of it background green smoke video by clicking the filter, then selecting the Chroma Key and lock scene the
  10. Click on it settings tap Hotkeys. On Scene 1 set it switch to scene-it becomes a number 1. Set it too scene 2, switch to the scene becomes number 2
  11. Set hotkeys on switch to scene serves to make a move scene by pressing the keys on the keyboard
  12. Click the Tools menu at the top and tap Virtual Cam and press the button Start
  13. Go to Zoom meetings and do ninja moves if you want to look like a ninja
  14. After performing the ninja move, press the 2 button on the keyboard so that smoke appears and you disappear
  15. Press the number 1 on the keyboard so that you appear again in Zoom

Now you’ve learned how to easily disappear in Zoom without having to edit videos. This will let you know how to disappear in Zoom with cool techniques.

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