15 Simple and Affordable Eid Parcel Ideas

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Approaching the holy month of Ramadan, many people give parcels to friends and relatives, or also give parcels to prospective in-laws. There are also many online shops that provide various packages specifically for Ramadan. However, often the good parcels have a price that is not pocket-friendly. You don’t need to worry, many parcels for Eid are simple but still have good quality and pocket-friendly prices.

Let’s take a look at the simple Eid parcel recommendations below.

Banana bread parcel

Eid parcel containing banana bread

Eid parcels don’t always have to be cookies. Now there are many other cake parcels like the parcel above. The parcel contains banana bread and dates, perfect for breaking the fast. In addition, for more expensive packages, you can also get cookies that are neatly packaged! Come on, try it.

Ice cream as a parcel for Eid

ice cream parcel

After fasting all day, of course we want to break the sweet one. You can give your friends and relatives this Eid parcel filled with ice cream. This parcel includes three different flavors along with a Ramadan greeting card.

Japanese milk baby bun for Eid parcel

parcel lebaran japanese milk baby bun

This one bread is popular on social media. The texture is softer than bread in general, making it a favorite of the people. You can consider the Japanese milk baby bun as an Eid parcel later.

Eid parcel contains cookies

Eid parcel contains cookies

If your friends or relatives like cookies, then this parcel is perfect for them. This parcel has various variants of cookies, ranging from peanut and chocolate flavors. For your vegan friends, don’t worry because they also provide vegan choco chip cookies

Eid parcel containing body care

For your friends or relatives who really care about body care, this parcel is for them. This parcel contains a complete package for cleaning the body, starting from liquid bath soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner

Eid parcel containing stationery

Children love to draw and write. If your relatives or friends have young children, then this parcel is for them. This parcel includes a notebook, piggy bank and goodie bag.

Eid mukena parcel

eid mukena parcel
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For your female relatives or friends, you can give this mukena parcel. This is a sign that you care about their worship.

Parcel mochi dates

mochi with dates flavor

Are you familiar with mochi? The snacks from the cherry country are delicious and have a chewy texture. In general, mochi has a chocolate and nut flavor. But this one is different, the mochi above is the date palm flavored mochi. You can give this unique parcel to your relatives and friends.

Vintage clock

vintage clock

For your friends or relatives who like antiques or vintage, then this parcel is suitable for them. This vintage watch has a unique design and is gold plated so that it has a luxurious impression. This clock can also be used as a home decoration that beautifies the room.

Parcel containing the ketupat of Eid

parcel containing ketupat Eid

During Eid, ketupat is a must-have dish. However, for those who have a weak stomach, sometimes they are not allowed to eat the coconut milk. Therefore, you can give this Eid diamond above. The ketupat does not contain coconut milk and all the food includes chili sauce homemade so that the quality is guaranteed good.

Pashmina and cloth masks

hampers pashmina

For your friends or relatives who follow fashion trends, this parcel is perfect for them. They of course have pashmina in various colors, as well as scrunchies and masks headloop also has a matching color. Whoever gets this parcel, will be very grateful to you.

Frozen food

frozen food

During the fasting month, housewives are usually busy cooking to break fast together. To make it easier for them, then you can give your relatives or friends this simple Eid gift that contains frozen food. This parcel contains frozen dumplings, pempek, risol and dim sum. In addition, this parcel also contains bread with original flavors and chocolate.

Frozen noodles

frozen noodles

Still in touch with frozen food, you can give this parcel to your friends or relatives who like to eat bakmie. Noodles are available in variants of chicken noodles, ramen, pho noodles, and ramen.


hampers bag

Want to give a bag to your friends or relatives but the budget is limited? No need to worry, you can give the parcel above which contains bags and wallets for under 200 thousand rupiah.

Honey and tea

honey and tea

Honey is well known for its various properties. Therefore, you can give a parcel of honey to increase the endurance of your friends and relatives. Apart from honey, this parcel also includes tea, wooden spoon and greeting card.

Those are 15 simple and affordable Eid gift ideas. For those who are still confused, you can visit Ruparupa to see more complete types of parcels available. Ruparupa also sells homeliving furniture and tools. Come on, immediately fulfill your household needs at Ruparupa!

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