15 Recommendations for Lebaran Gift for Candidates in Law

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Eid al-Fitr is getting closer, before this holy day, many people flock to give Eid parcel or hampers to the closest people. Not only relatives or friends, but you must also prepare Eid gifts for prospective in-laws.

If Ruppers still confused about what to give, let’s take a look at some of the recommendations below.

Give Eid parcels containing medical devices to prospective in-laws

During a pandemic like this, maintaining health is important. Therefore, you can give a parcel containing medical equipment. This parcel includes an infrared thermometer, a 500 ml hand sanitizer, a UV sterilizer box, and a UV disinfectant lamp.

The Eid parcel contains cooking utensils for prospective in-laws

In this holy month, parents usually cook a lot to break the fast together or the many guests who come to gatherings. Maybe the cooking utensils they have are old or broken. Therefore, you can give this parcel to your prospective in-laws. This parcel contains a steamer pot, saucepan, teapot, spice set, and kitchen towel.

The Eid parcel contains cutlery for prospective in-laws

This holy month is the time for relatives or relatives to come to each other for friendship. We don’t know how many guests will come to the house. Maybe your prospective in-laws are short on cutlery, so you can make this parcel an alternative for Eid gifts.

This parcel contains 23 pieces of porcelein dinner set, 12 pieces of cutlery set, and artificial plants to beautify the dining table.

The Eid parcel contains cleaning tools for prospective in-laws

Cleaning a car is a daily activity, especially just before Eid. Of course we want to celebrate Eid with a clean and shiny car. Therefore, you can provide cleaning tools to your prospective in-laws. This parcel contains a tool box, microfiber cloth, glass cleaner, water spot remover, carpet cleaning fluid, and others.

The Eid parcel contains automotive equipment for prospective in-laws

We don’t know when our car will have problems, especially an old car. Therefore, it is important to always carry automotive equipment in the car. This parcel contains a tool box, jack pump, 28 sets of tools, jumper cables, and a portable band pump.

The Eid parcel contains coffee utensils for prospective in-laws

For your prospective in-laws who like to drink coffee, this parcel is the right choice. Inside this parcel, there is a coffee maker, cups, saucers, and corner shelves for placing coffee making equipment.

Eid brownie gift

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Towards the holiday, many online shops make parcels filled with pastries. You can also give this gift to prospective in-laws. This date brownies is only present in certain celebrations.

Market snacks

hampers hawker market

Eid parcel is synonymous with various kinds of pastries such as nastar, snow princess, and kastengel. But if you want to find something different, you can give a gift containing traditional market snacks.


hampers tea

If your prospective in-laws like drinking tea, you can buy this parcel. In addition to health, tea is also suitable for drinks iftar. The choice of teas also varies from lychee, green tea, and genmaicha.



When you are in touch with friends and relatives, of course your scent must be fresh. Therefore, you can make perfume as a gift option for prospective in-laws.

Aroma therapy


Housewives usually like a fragrant room. Therefore, you can give your future in-laws aromatherapy. Apart from being fragrant, aromatherapy can also calm the mind.

Pastries and dates

pastries and dates

You can still give gifts in general like cookies. However, to make it look more stand out, you can also combine parcels with other foods, for example dates.

Hygiene equipment body

hygiene equipment

Pampering time at home is the time that mothers have been waiting for. In this parcel, there is a skincare headband so you can apply the product to your face easily, house slippers, loofah, face towel, glass and doormat so you don’t slip.



Maintaining body hygiene is important for health. You can give soap to your future in-laws. The bar soap is available in a variety of beautiful colors.

Worship equipment

hampers mukena

In this holy month, you can give your prospective in-laws worship equipment. This parcel includes mukena, Alqur’an, prayer beads and prayer mats.

Those are 15 recommendations for Eid gifts for prospective in-laws. You can also get Eid gifts at Ruparupa. Ruparupa sells a variety of household furniture and tooling needs. Come on, let’s find gifts for your future in-laws at Ruparupa!

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