15 Pastel Colors That Make You Crush

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Pastel colors give a comfortable and soft impression, including in interior design. Can be applied in any area such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Its use itself has a different psychological effect. On closer inspection one can find all kinds of subtle color schemes that are both pretty and eye-catching.

What are pastels?

In general terms, the definition of pastels is a palette scheme of light, plain, bright palette, which remains soft to the eye. Generally it is a combination of two types of palettes such as pink, blue, green combined with white.

It has been used since the Renaissance, and developed in the 18th century. Currently its existence itself has become popular from time to time.

Pastel Colors For The Room

From the various color schemes available this time we will provide more information that has never been known before.

# Pink Pastel

Pastel pink color
Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Symbolizes romance, friendship, giving, and caring

Psychological Effects: To be a color that gives positive energy and hints at warmth and comfort. Likewise, if used as wall paint, pastel pink can provide a calming atmosphere for the human brain. Usually very popular with women as the color of choice for the bedroom.

# Light green

light green
Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Life, Nature and Energy

Psychological Effects: A type of color that can balance the heart and emotions, and can even restore energy when feeling tired or under pressure. More than that, pastel green color gives a good effect to create a room to impress fresh any time. Recommended as wall paint for rooms, family rooms and kitchens.

# Light brown

Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Durability, dependability, safety

Psychological Effects: Can create a feeling of pleasantness, safety and stability to the room. And can provide a warmer and more intimate atmosphere. The color brown also represents fun things like coffee, cakes and sweets. Suitable for the work area, bedroom, and living room.

# Blue sky

Light blue color
Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Wisdom, serenity, health and inspiration

Psychological Effects: give calm to the room area and make blood pressure normal. It is very beautiful combined with furniture with a warm scheme, so it is suitable for use in the bedroom or bathroom area.

# Light Yellow

Bright yellow
Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Optimism, happiness and friendship

Psychological Effects: Bright morning sun as well as a touch of pastel yellow, which can give off a cheerfulness. However, it is highly recommended to use other neutral colors such as white, to avoid negative emotions. Well placed for the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room.

# Purple

Source: Flickr

Meaning of Colors: Mysterious, creative, wealth

Psychological Effects: If you like something extravagant and eye-catching then purple is a perfect match. Able to provide a calm and relaxing effect like blue. In addition, this color scheme can give a romantic and dramatic impression so that it can be applied to the bedroom.

# Orange

Orange color
Source: Infroma

Meaning of Colors: Warmth, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Determination, Balance

Psychological Effects: known as a bright color that carries uplifting, and helps to channel emotions well through the activities that are carried out. Generally used for sports halls and is not a primary color.

# Beige

Beige color
Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Conservative, flexible, calm and neutral

Psychological Effects: Provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere, especially for rooms that are often used for work, room space and other areas in general. Beige is classified as a neutral color and is one of the primary schemes.

# Turkish

Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Refreshing, Feminine, sophisticated, Wisdom, Creativity.

Psychological Effects: Also known as aquamarine, it is also a pastel blue and green color combination that gives off a cool and calming feel. A palette that can give a classy impression, and is usually used to keep someone away from negative energies. Can be applied to the work room and living room.

# Peach

Peach color
Source: MagicBricks

Meaning of Colors: Fashion, Honesty, Innocence and warmth.

Psychological Effects: Affects someone’s mental and behavior to be calmer and more positive, especially those who are feeling sad. Give joy and make you more excited. One of the sweet colors for the bedroom or lounge.

# Khaki

Khaki color

Meaning of Colors: Realistic, Pragmatic, Conventional, Conservative.

Psychological Effects: Described as a neutral color that creates a relaxed, warm atmosphere which is great for applying to a lounge or bedroom. Suitable for Ruppers who like calm soothing colors.

# Mint

Mint pastel colors
Source: Peased.Onrender

Meaning of Colors: Calm, Fresh, Balance

Psychological Effects: The combination of blue and green, which is able to create a calm atmosphere to balance emotions. For its use it is very well used for bathrooms and kitchens.

# Red

Pastel pink
Source: Pixabay

Meaning of Colors: Brave, Energetic, and Increase Adrenaline.

Psychological Effects: Color schemes capable of bringing togetherness, warmth to intense conversation. Ideal applied in the dining room or family room. However, avoid applying it to the bedroom which can make your heart rate higher.

# Gray

Pastel gray color
Source: Willow.style

Meaning of Colors: Neutral, Balanced, Cool

Psychological Effects: Don’t worry that the room will look dull because of the gray color, the reason itself is that you can combine it with bright colors like pink, yellow, or white. Ideal for workspace and living room.

# Salmon color

A pastel salmon color

Meaning of Colors: Expressive, Friendship, Compassion, Individuality.

Psychological Effects: A palette that enhances a sense of self-confidence, and is almost akin to a brighter orange or pink, without losing its softness. It is also considered a color that gives hope, to happiness.

Pastel Color Combinations

By combining various palettes, Ruppers can get beautiful room results.

Pink Drawer

Two-level storage area that serves to store various Ruppers equipment. Made of high quality metal so that it can be used for a long time. Products equipped with ergonomic handles are priced at around 700,000 thousand rupiah

Mint Green Cabinet

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Macaron’s Yellow Chair

Duh, look at how cute the color is, Ruppers! A chair with a modern design that can be adjusted in height, and equipped with wheels so that it is easy to move to any area. Want to have now? just go straight to Ruparupa

Table lamp

Ruppers must have been confused about this one thing, it looks like a decoration but it can also be a light. This cute lamp is priced from 300,000 thousand rupiah to 500,000 thousand rupiah.

Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed
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Has two functions at once, namely a sofa and a bed. It is suitable for limited occupancy who want to have cute furniture without taking up space.

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