15 Examples of Unique and Anti Mainstream Eid Parcel

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Lebaran will soon arrive, it has become the culture of Indonesians to send parcels to each other, colleagues, relatives and friends. Parcel can strengthen ties and show a sense of concern for others. Maybe you want to give a parcel that is a little different than usual but don’t know what to deliver. Therefore, let’s take a look at 15 examples of unique Eid parcels below.

The hijab can be one of the unique packages for Eid

hijab as an example of a unique Eid parcel

For those of you who have female friends or family, the hijab can be the right parcel for them! In addition to getting a hijab with a beautiful color, this parcel is also equipped with flower tuspins and masks.

Unique soap and cups for the Eid parcel

a unique soap holder as an Eid parcel

If your friends or relatives like something unique, then this parcel is for them. This glass and soap holder has a very detailed floral pattern and the gold color gives a luxurious impression. This parcel will certainly be useful as a decoration that can beautify your home.

Plants as a unique gift for Eid

plants as Eid parcel

Plants are a unique parcel that is suitable for you to give to friends or relatives who like gardening. The plants you provide can also be a decoration for their home.

Body lotion for Eid parcel

body lotion as an Eid parcel

If the person you want to give away is a girl, body lotion can be the right parcel. Besides being able to keep the skin moisturized, they will also love the fresh scent of the body lotion.

Skincare for a unique Eid parcel

unique Eid skincare parcel

During the fasting month, the skin can become dehydrated due to lack of drinking water. Therefore, skincare is the right choice as a parcel. Apart from reducing dehydration, skincare also keeps skin healthy glowing.

Share with the sweet one for Eid

ice cream

If you usually give cookies, for Eid this time you can give ice cream to the people closest to you. Make sure to send the parcel using a fast service so that the ice cream doesn’t melt.

Unique bag for Eid parcel

unique bag for Eid parcel

You can also make a bag as an example of a unique Eid parcel. The parcel includes a bag for storing masks and hand sanitizers.

Diffuser for unique Eid parcel

diffuser for unique Eid parcel

For your relatives or friends who like fragrant rooms, a diffuser is the right choice. Apart from being used as aromatherapy, diffusers can also calm the mind.

Wax sachets an example of a unique Eid parcel

wax sachet for a unique Eid parcel

Still related to scenting the room, wax sachets are also one of the items that are often used as fragrances. If your friends or relatives like to be creative and like a fragrant room, then this DIY wax sachet is the right parcel choice.

Makeup for the Eid parcel


This parcel is perfect for your friend or sister. This pack can give you a look look that fresh to your dear ones. This parcel includes complete makeup for the eyes, eyebrows and cheeks.



If your friends or relatives like to drink tea, then this parcel is the right choice. Tea is a good drink to break your fast.



You can buy your relatives or friends a parcel filled with juice. Besides being healthy, juice is a suitable drink for breaking the fast or for sahur.

A worship tool for a unique Eid parcel

a worship tool for a unique Eid parcel

In this holy month, you can give parcels containing worship tools such as the parcel above. The parcel above contains the Koran, prayer mats, prayer rugs, and prayer beads. You can also customize it according to the tastes of the person you are going to provide.

Unique wooden cutlery parcel

unique wooden cutlery parcel

This wooden cutlery is popular because more and more people care about the environment. This cutlery is suitable for you to make parcel to friends or relatives.



This parcel is suitable for your friends or relatives who like to paint. This parcel includes color paints, brushes, and a canvas for painting. After finishing painting, the painting can also be used as a room decoration.

Those are 15 examples of unique and anti-mainstream Eid parcel. You can also visit Ruparupa to buy parcels that match your friends and relatives. Ruparupa sells furniture for homeliving as well as complete kitchen utensils. Let’s find the right parcel with Ruparupa!

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