14 Elegant and Beautiful Minimalist House Paint Colors

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If your house paint color is one of the factors that can determine the mood of your home. A room can seem elegant, luxurious, or cheerful from the paint color. Various variants of existing paint colors can make us confused about choosing the right color for the house. Therefore, let’s look at the recommendations for paint colors that are suitable for minimalist homes below!

White house paint color

white house paint color
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If you are confused about choosing a paint color, then white is the easiest choice. The white room gives a simple and minimalist impression. White is also easy for you to mix with any furniture color.

You can use neutral colored furniture such as gray or brown. Also add greenery to make the room feel more alive.

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Gray house paint color

gray house paint color
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Maybe you often see office spaces in general in gray. This color is also suitable for you to make as your house paint. Gray is a neutral color. If you choose a light gray color, then this color can give a soft touch to the room.

Meanwhile, dark gray will give the impression of a masculine room. Gray is a cool color, and it brings out feelings of power and self-control.


brown room
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Brown is synonymous with Earth because this color can be easily found in nature such as earth and wood. A brown room can exude feelings of warmth and kindness. This color is also often associated with fortitude and modesty.

Pastel pink house paint color

pink house paint color
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If you want a minimalist color paint and like pink, you can consider light or pastel colors of this color. Pink room is a color with a feminine impression.

This color can increase your energy, blood pressure and pulse or make you feel relaxed and satisfied depending on the color type of pink.

Color dusty rose pink

dusty rose walls
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With an elegant appearance, dusty pink is a color you should consider. Combine this color with furniture or decorations in gray and sky blue. This color can exude luxury and make it the perfect color for your room.

Dark blue or navy blue

blue room
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This color is suitable for those of you who want a dark room but don’t want black. Darker shades of blue can give the room a luxurious look. This blue color is suitable for you to combine with pink, gray, green, and white furniture or decorations.

Light blue or sky blue

light blue
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If dark blue makes a masculine impression, then lighter or lighter shades of blue usually seem feminine. A room with blue walls will feel cooler than other rooms, and will make you feel energetic.

Color ice blue

ice blue room
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Neutral color and soft can give a calming effect. You can also use this color on doors and ceilings.

Mint green color

mint green room
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Mint green gives the impression of being relaxed, beautiful and a little bohemian. Combining pastel colors can also be a strategy. You can use pink on furniture such as beds, chairs, or wall decorations.

house paint color sage green

sage green room paint color
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Sage green creating a space that is full of life but still gives a subtle and relaxed feel. This color has the calming energy that is the hallmark of green. However, sage green can make an impression earthy and depth which is not always present in the green that vibrant.

house paint color hunter green

hunter green house paint color
source: blog.sherwin-williams.com

This color gives the impression of security and serenity, but also bold. Dark green can create more atmosphere moody when you use it yourself. To outsmart it, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between color and decor. You can use natural elements, such as wood and marble accents.

Beige room paint color Warna

beige room paint color
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Color neutrality beige offers many design possibilities, especially if you like modern bedrooms. A bedroom in this color doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

You can play choosing furniture with colors beige shades different to create a harmonious contrast. In addition, you can add metallic accents and lighting combinations, creating an elegant and stylish room.


black room
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Black walls are dramatic and never fail to stand out. If you like an elegant and masculine room, then you should consider black bedroom paint. Black color can also make furniture and decorations more beautiful stand out.

Room paint color lilac

lilac room paint color
source: mymove.com

Dusty Lilac gives the impression of a friendly and peaceful energy. You can combine this color with furniture in gray, silver, and white. These colors can make a room beautiful and smooth. This color combination matches the style of a contemporary room or retro.

Those are some recommendations for minimalist paint colors that are suitable for your home. You can decorate your room with furniture and decorations that make the room more beautiful at Ruparupa.

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