12 Unique Christmas Tree Themes for Your Celebration

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Every season the Christmas tree takes center stage. No holiday decoration is more iconic, more loved, or more nostalgic than a beautiful Christmas tree. And of course, you can decorate it the same way every year. But if you want your family home theme to shine this season, you can try other themes. Whether it’s children’s, beach, or colorful, there are lots of unique and creative ways to decorate your tree this year. Here are 12 unique christmas tree themes for your celebration.

Christmas tree
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If you like hygge, you’ll love the minimalist tree with its simple string of lights and simple classic ornaments. You can decorate the Christmas tree for a festive and joyful morning holiday. If you want to have a minimalist holiday look throughout your home, opt for simple greenery and neutral colors.

Forest Animals

A Christmas tree with forest animal decorations is a great choice for families who like to spend time outdoors. Between the ornaments of forest animals and the base of a classic tree stump, this tree will give you a jungle cabin feel.


You can use seashore-themed ornaments such as shells for a sunny beach day. A coastal Christmas tree would be great if you used a blue and white color palette. Collect some shells and some coral at any craft store, or on an ocean beach near you and you can bring some beachside vibes on Christmas morning.

vintage Retro

The retro vintage themed Christmas tree is very kitsch and fashion. If your home is already full of retro charm, this is the perfect way to channel a vintage feel. Browse thrift stores or flea markets for old ornaments. Just a few signature antiques and a few classic light bulbs are all you need to decorate your Christmas tree.

Little Child’s Dream

If you want to get the kids excited about Christmas trees and not just gifts, a Lego themed Christmas tree for example is the perfect way to bring the whole family together this holiday season. Pick up some extra-large building blocks for a classic Lego look, and mix colors for a little extra touch.


From ombre walls to stairs, this trendy look is ubiquitous in home decor, and Christmas trees are no exception. It makes vacation DIY ambitious, but still doable. Ombre theme designs are best done with an artificial tree, where you can separate each level as you spray paint to ensure a gradual color change.


For a unique and personal look, you can turn your family photos into ornaments. Like the one on the Polaroid. You need nothing more than a Polaroid-style camera, a hole punch, and a little thread. You can even make it a tradition, adding several new photos to the tree each year.


Floral flowers are not just for spring and summer. You can mix some color into a dark rainy day with a floral Christmas tree inspired by a floral garden. The floral waterfall style design will add style and fun and make a great alternative to standard bouquets.

Bright and Pink Color

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It would be great if you had a neon pink and white themed Christmas tree. You can create the look of your tree with a bright poppy color palette. And also you can hang it on a white artificial tree to give it the best style and a beautiful striking color.

Candy Cane

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Candy canes for Christmas are like pumpkins for Halloween, everyone will love a candy cane themed Christmas tree. You can use a white and red color scheme like a candy cane. If you can’t find large plastic sticks for hanging ornaments, try using candy canes that you can actually eat and eat. So it will still look very beautiful and festive.

Navy Blue and Gold

Noelle 200 cm Garland Tinsel Dot

A navy and gold Christmas tree will look very elegant and classy for you to display. Therefore, it’s a great way to incorporate your alma mater colors into your tree or just tie in some colors from the rest of your living room.

Flannel Material

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A flannel-themed Christmas tree with a red checkered design will make you want to chill by the campfire in your best flannel pajamas. You can also combine it with red and white because it will still fit in with the theme. And in between plaid bows and sweater ornaments, this type is a tree that will get you excited for the holidays to come.

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