12 Tips for Cleaning Your Home to Be Comfortable During Eid

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Cleaning the house is one of the daily activities that are obliged to make the house feel comfortable. Besides that, a clean house will be good for the health of the owner!

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12 Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the house
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Get a clean and comfortable residence by following these steps

1. Start From Good Habits

Indeed, doing homework regularly is not easy, especially if you have a myriad of activities. But don’t make this an excuse!

It is enough to start from small habits that will later become routine activities. Simple things that are easy to do are tidy up the bedroom area after waking up in the morning, dry the sink after use, or put things back in place.

2. Attention to All Rooms

When cleaning dirt, of course, not only rooms that are often occupied need to be cleaned, but also other areas that don’t look like warehouses. Try to clean it once a week to avoid accumulating dust.

3. Maximum Cleaning

To clean the house optimally, Ruppers can use a technique double cleansing. For example, in terms of washing clothes or cleaning the bed, of course it is not enough just to use a broom stick but it is very good if you go through the drying process in the sun.

4. Own a Place Storage of Goods Extra

Cleanliness depends not only on sweeping or mopping floors, but also on storage. If Ruppers’ goods are messy or scattered, then as a solution you need a storage area. Do not let clutter spoil the appearance of the room that is not beautiful.

5. Pay attention to detail

Sometimes when cleaning the house people focus on bigger things. But apparently don’t forget to prioritize small things like scattered objects such as books, toys and piles of clothes. In addition, pay attention to cleaning dust that sticks to glass, tables, and other areas that are not visible.

6. Focused Cleaning

Did you know one of the mistakes that often happens to most people is, sweeping and mopping in different rooms at the same time. Indeed, this method is faster, but it’s good to focus on one room before finally moving again.

7. Not Delaying Homework

Often because they feel tired or lazy, many people often postpone postponing work. This habit makes routine activities heavier and piles up. So try to do small things like washing dirty dishes after eating, sweeping the fallen crumbs, wiping the table after use.

8. Limiting Collection

This one tip applies to those of you who like to collect small display objects or knick-knacks. Avoid too many numbers or force them to put them in the same place, especially for Ruppers who have limited occupancy.

In addition, while making the occupancy narrow, collectibles also have the potential to make it difficult for homeowners when wiping certain parts.

9. Apply the IN – OUT Concept

Who often finds it difficult to clean the house due to piling up items. If so, then this is the time for you to apply the in-out system, where every single item you buy, means that one item must come out. This rule applies to clothes in the wardrobe, and is useful for saving space at the same time.

10. Minimize Paper Use

Be it brochures, flyers or other types of paper, it often disturbs the home area. Even more so if it is in an office area where there are often paper documents for a long time.

For that, try sorting which ones are important and switching to environmentally friendly paperless techniques, by using a scanner to save files on the computer.

11. Cleaning the House in Rotation

If Ruppers has a fairly dense activity, then try to tidy up the house with a certain schedule. No need to do it all at once, because what matters is how to clean the house really optimally.

12. Using Cleaning Tools 2 in 1

Room cleaners have various types according to their function, so you can take advantage of one item with various functions you know. In addition to making the room more leverage, you can also save space.

5 Cleaning Equipment Recommendations

To get all the best quality needs, be sure to visit Ruparupa, an e-commerce that is a combination of the trusted brands of the Kawan Lama Group.

Gloves for Cleaning the House

Gloves that protect when cleaning the house
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Protect hands by using rubber gloves. Its use can support Ruppers when doing house cleaning activities. Made of material that is very flexible and elastic so it is comfortable for everyday use.

Vacuum cleaner for House Cleaning

Use this vacuum cleaner to clean the house from small particles that stick in your house. Complete with wheels so that it can be easier when moving from one area to another. Comes with quality materials, which makes this device more durable and not easily damaged.

Broom and dustpan for House Cleaning

Now work will be easier, because there is an ergonomic device, with a rubber handle tip and a swing cap to prevent the trash inside from spilling out. The advantage of this tool itself is that the broom and dustpan are combined, so it is practical and saves space.


Cleaning the floor will be easier and more efficient with this mop. The reason is you don’t need to hold a liquid bottle or carry a bucket anywhere. Just look at the bottle in the middle which houses the floor cleaner.

Trash can

By presenting a sensor trash can, it will be easier for you to dispose of trash and keep your hands hygienic. This device has a sensor that allows it to open or close automatically when throwing garbage.

Those are some references to equipment from Ruparupa for cleaning dirt in Ruppers’ house. to get it you can visit our website, or download the application directly via your smartphone.

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