11 Unique Wooden House Interiors That You Can Emulate!

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The use of wood materials in the interior design of a house can create warmth and comfort. The beauty of this natural material is the main attraction. Moreover, home interior designs that use these materials do not have to worry about termites.

If you choose the right material, the durability of the material will be very well maintained when you use it as an interior element and house foundation. Interested in having a wood nuanced interior design? Let’s look at some wooden house interior inspirations that you can imitate!

Tree in the Middle of a Wooden House

tree in the middle of a wooden house
source: instagram.com/_logcabins_

If you want to build a house in an area where there are still a lot of trees, don’t cut down all the trees. The tree can be a unique decoration for your home.

You can use the tree as a decoration in the dining room or living room. Trees will add coolness and a natural impression to the house.

Big Window

cabin house
source: instagram.com/_logcabins_

The presence of windows in a wooden house will give an elegant and minimalist impression. Large windows allow sunlight to illuminate the entire room so you can save electricity.

You can also add furniture with neutral colors such as gray or brown and complement it with a wooden table to complete the natural appearance of the room.

Bathroom Interior Inspiration with Wood Accents

bathroom interior with wood accents
source: instagram.com/_logcabins_

A bathroom with wooden shades will add a warm and natural impression. You can add wood accents to the bathroom window. For a more unique look, you can also layer the sides bathtub with wood.

Bedroom Interior with Wood Tones

wooden room interior
source: instagram.com/_logcabins_

For those of you who want to have a room with a wooden feel, you can copy the picture above. The room above is suitable for those of you who want to have a wooden feel room but don’t like room designs like cabin.

The design ensures that you still get a minimalist, wooden feel rustic. You can also add stransparent lidding door so that the room gets enough sunlight.

Form Unique Window

cabin house
source: twitter.com/freshome

If you are bored with the appearance of a square or rectangular window, you can imitate the bedroom window above. Window shape resembling diamonds terraced gives a unique and aesthetic impression to the room.

Interior Room with Wood and Stone

room interior with wood and stone
source: instagram.com/cozy_houses_and_interiors

Wood and stone are both natural materials so it will be very suitable if you put them together. You can use stone as walls and wood for poles and furniture.

Minimalist Wooden Room Interior

minimalist wooden room interior
source: instagram.com/ougikenchiku

The interior above is perfect for those of you who like minimalist things. The mixture of white and wooden furniture supports the appearance of a simple and elegant room.

Interiors Rustic Wood Kitchen

rustic wood kitchen interior
source: instagram.com/nature.enterprise

You can use wooden walls to create an atmosphere rustic in your kitchen. You can also choose a black kitchen cabinet for a more elegant impression. Do not forget to coating your cabinet wood to be water resistant.

Wall decoration

source: instagram.com/cabin_lifestyler

Give decorations on your walls so that your walls are not empty. You can add wall paintings or knick-knacks such as diffuser candles or your favorite displays.

Living Room Interior Inspiration

living room interior inspiration
source: instagram.com/cabin_lifestyler

The minimalist interior of wood mixed with elegant neutral colors makes your living room more aesthetic. You can choose colors such as gray, black, white, and sage to make the room look cool. Also add a rug to add warmth to your space.

Aesthetic Bedroom Interiors

source: instagram.com/_logcabins_

The presence of string lights in the bedroom can add to the aesthetic value of the room. Moreover, if you have a wooden room, the lamp will illuminate your room and create a warm and cozy atmosphere homey.

Those are some wooden house interior inspirations that you can imitate. You can find furniture to decorate your wooden house in Ruparupa. Ruparupa provides complete and quality home living furniture. Don’t miss the promo, let’s buy it now!

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