10 Ways to Prevent Floods that You Can Do

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Flood is still a problem that often occurs in Indonesia. Even though it is difficult to prevent it, we must still know how to prevent flooding in order to minimize losses that can arise. This needs to be done in view of the worsening flood conditions in several parts of Indonesia. Many people have to flee because their homes are asleep in water. Even some flood events have caused casualties.

The high intensity of rainfall is one of the reasons for flooding in several regions of Indonesia. Moreover, the water cannot be absorbed properly because the catchment area is getting smaller. This condition can aggravate areas that are in the lowlands.

source: commons.wikimedia.org

We can start with ourselves to prevent flooding. Every effort we do, even if it’s small, can have a positive impact on the environment. If we do it regularly, our efforts will not be in vain. Let’s see 10 ways to prevent flooding below!

Prevent Floods with Cleaning Gutters

clean the gutters preventing flooding
source: wikipedia.org

Cleaning sewers regularly can prevent flooding. Check the gutter periodically and make sure it is not clogged. Clogging can be one of the factors causing flooding because water does not flow smoothly. If the rain comes, the rainwater cannot flow to another place, causing flooding. It is therefore important to ensure that no blockage occurs in the gutter.

Cleaning the Home and Surroundings can Prevent Floods

cleaning the yard can prevent flooding
source: pixabay.com

Avoid the build-up of leaves, debris, or other objects that have the potential to cause blockages. If your house has a lot of trees, then you often have to clean the fallen leaves and put them in the trash. Cleaning the yard can prevent potential blockages in the gutters so that they do not flood.

Prevent Floods with Throw garbage in its place

prevent flooding by throwing garbage in its place
source: snappygoat.com

Maybe we are tired of hearing the phrase “Throw the trash in its place”. This sounds trivial, but it is very important for us to do. Any trash that we litter can potentially clog drains. Even though we throw the garbage not near the gutter, it can be blown off and eventually fall into the waterways.

Have a Home Garden can Prevent Floods

home page can prevent flooding
source: flickr.com

Creating a small garden at home can prevent flooding. The lack of green areas, especially in urban areas, has made flooding worse. Trees have roots that function to absorb water and the absence of trees prevents rainwater from being absorbed into the ground causing flooding.

Planting plants not only prevents flooding, but can also beautify your home page. You can also invite people who live around you to plant plants.

Prevent Floods with Make Roof Garden

prevent flooding by making a roof garden
source: pixabay.com

Today many people have houses with narrow land because of limited land. This causes many people, especially in urban areas, to not have a garden in their yard.

Building a garden on the roof of the house can be an alternative. You can prevent flooding but don’t spend much space at home. Apart from being a place to absorb rainwater, roof garden serves to create fresher air and relieve stress.

Installing the Biopori Hole

biopori holes
source: flickr.com

The biopore hole is a cylindrical hole that is planted vertically inside. Biopori holes usually have a depth of 100 cm. It is recommended that the holes be installed in areas where the water collects. You can install it near a tree, bottom of a gutter, or in the yard.

With the presence of biopore holes, rainwater will be more easily absorbed into the ground. This increases groundwater reserves and reduces the risk of flooding. In addition, we can also throw organic waste into this hole. This hole also has a function to convert organic waste into compost so that it can reduce waste that ends up in landfills.

Use Paving Block

paving block
source: flickr.com

In addition to making a garden on the home page, another alternative to adding a catchment area is to use paving block. Try not to cover the entire yard with asphalt or concrete as these materials will not absorb water.

Rain water can seep into the ground because paving block have some distance between them to allow water to descend to the ground. Other than that, paving block have a variety of models and colors so that they can add to the beauty of the home page.

Install Grass Block

grass block
source: pixnio.com

Another alternative from paving block is to install grass block. Grass block has the same function as paving blockthat is, both of them can increase water catchment areas. The ingredients used to make them are the same, but they have differences. The biggest difference is grass block have grass in between meanwhile paving block not.

Grass block can increase the amount of water that enters the soil by the presence of grass in between block. Other than that, grass block make the house greener and add to the uniqueness of the home page.

Heightening the House can Prevent Floods

houses high up from the road can prevent flooding
source: geograph.org.uk

If you live in an area prone to flooding, you should build a house that is higher than the road by one meter or more. This is to prevent flooding from entering the house.

As an extra precaution, another thing you can do is raise the socket higher on the wall so that the water doesn’t conduct electricity when a flood enters the house.

Avoid Building Houses on the River Side

riverside house
source: commons.wikimedia.org

The houses on the riverbank are very prone to flooding. When the rainy season arrives, the intensity of rainfall is high so that the water in the river increases. If the drainage system is not smooth and garbage piles up, the houses that are located on the river banks will be most affected.

How to prevent flooding, you can start with small steps. However, this will not work if done alone. Let’s invite other people to follow the methods above so that the flood can get better.

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2 unit trash cans
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Biodegradable trash bags
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Garden Fork

Garden Fork
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