10 Best Bedroom Color Inspirations for Kids!

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The environment around us can affect the mood and emotions of children. Including their bedroom. Research shows that certain colors can calm a person’s mood. There are also other colors that can make people more excited and energetic. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the color that will be chosen for your child’s bedroom. Come see these 10 inspirations!

Classic Red Room Color

Red Room

Red is a color that can stimulate and increase energy in children, and has the potential to increase focus. Several studies have shown that red can even increase heart rate and respiration.

For an accent color in a bedroom, red is a great choice for you to use. Especially if you’re trying to balance out cool tones.

Room Color Orange Coral

Orange Room

Orange is a bright and cheerful color that has been shown to improve communication and socialization. Children who play in rooms with an orange color scheme tend to be more cooperative, extroverted, and confident.

Apart from red, orange is also a great choice for you to use as an accent color. Especially, the softer orange color. Try pairing orange with soft greens, lavender, or neutral beige hues.

Yellow Lemon

Yellow Bedroom

The yellow color adds a cheerful, energetic and bright feel to any room. Several studies have shown that the color yellow may benefit from increased concentration and better memory.

Yellow along with gray will suit perfectly. Blue or green also works well with yellow. This balance allows the positive aspects of yellow to shine through, without overwhelming the child with excessive yellow.

Green color Leaf

Green Bedroom

Green is a calming color that brings the freshness of nature and outdoor play to a room. Several studies have shown that green can improve reading skills, as well as reading comprehension.

Therefore, if your child will be doing most of their learning in the room, green may be the right choice. Also, mint green or green tea can help calm an anxious child.

Color Blue Ice

Blue Bedroom

If the inspiration for the color of a boy’s room, blue often appears. There are several advantages to this calming color.

The color blue has been shown to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and slow the breathing of people who are restless. One suggestion is to try to balance blue with a splash of cheerful yellow, or a confident red curtain.

Color Pink Young

Pink Bedroom

The most popular bedroom paint inspiration for girls is pink. The color pink has a calming feel, a feeling of empathy and nurture.

This can make children behave in a more caring and sensitive manner, perhaps because pink is associated with feelings of “motherhood”.

Color Room Purple Violet

Purple Room

Purple is often considered a second choice for girls’ room colors. Purple is a color that inspires attention, sensitivity and spirituality.

Adding purple to a child’s room can help slow their busy pace, and help them pause to consider other people’s thoughts and feelings.

You can mix and brighten the purple with its contrasting color; orange. You can also use a darker purple color to match brighter colors like spring green, or bright pink.

Color Room Chocolate Young

Brown Room

Brown is a classic and earthy color that can help children feel more stable and welcoming in their environment. The brown color also serves as a lovely backdrop for brighter splashes of color.

This allows parents who choose brown as the base color to be a little more creative, while still reaping the benefits of a feeling of stable space.

Stick to dark brown or beige colors, and use dark brown as a striking accent to brighten up the room.

Color Room Gray

Gray Room

Sometimes, grays can appear pale. Moreover, if used as solo accent. If you want to incorporate gray into your child’s room, it is best to do it in moderation.

Gray accents can help contrast a bright yellow room, or help break up excess color schemes like turquoise or magenta.

Color White Neutral

White Bedroom

A white room can look and seem boring. However, if it is decorated with stickers or frames and wall displays, it can be interesting.

Even an image motif polka dots simple is able to completely transform the look of this children’s space to produce a fun, geometric backdrop.

Those are 10 color ideas for children’s bedrooms. Did you find a bedroom color that matches your child’s personality?

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